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Please need help dt know what to do. Pls read I also have soeting for those who can help too..I'm truly thankful for ny help in this situation as without it. Thank you for your time!!


I need help, very badly. (appologize now 4 typos one finger typin my hands arms neck r on fire mixed with stress im typing this fast to get off the pc for a bit and not going to do the mouse work to fix im sorry) I should have sought more help earlier but I was determined to correct this myself and stupidly have a hard time asking for it... Right now, I absolutely need it. I began a buisness to get off ssdi.. I made enough revenue I’m loosing my ssdi. The business took a major hit from an error by a larger corp I dealt with leaving me hanging onto what was a venture growing like a hungry wolf and no way to get back on my own. I’m petrified I’ve finnly gotten my own stable home and in a few weeks its looking like I’m going to be loosing it and everything I have and have done again. I can’t stop shaking and bouncing around with anxiety from the thought of being ourt a home and loossing everything yet again. This biz was giving me and others our lives back and with what happened and not being able to get a loan to fix it due to my personal credit being shot after not being employed from my 20’s to my mid thirties now. I’m honest to god petrfied, feel like I’m going to have a heart attack from trying to do everything I could on my own to get things going with no way to fund doing so. Following is more on the events and things this business has and can do for us. I have a campain up crowdfunding the money for rebuilding this venture. The last option I see esp with sych lil time... If I can raise even half of the goal I can make it work and grow it slowly over time and manage to keep a home n pay bills The whole amount and we have a truly wonderfull foundation to expand off of and take off! If anyone can please find it to see the changes this will bring and contribute, you get something in return as well besides my extreme thanks!! I am giving out perks of products we sell you can go look. I’ts fun kids love it adults as well and some will definetly get more then they put up I guarentee that, I wish all but about half will find more in worth then they spent. And I welcome all who might to post what they recieved , I dont send garbage out I love my customers being happy I enjoy reading the notes I’ve gotten from many thanking me for a fair product they enjoyed. It means alot so I take quality of the experience very seriously. You will not be upset with what is sent. The campain is at the only campain in the front page. I have a true gift thsat can allow me snd others to provide again and take care of things thru its existenvce and its about to slip off and loose it all, back to where do I go live how do i eat and I cantdo it again not another time I need the little bit of stability I have this time even if thats my life and no more I’m fine with it. Not my dream life but its safe and its comfortable for once.
Being disabled from early 20’s on I hadnt had or found a decent job in 12 or so years, and desired to work and provide to have a life outside of my monthly ssdi and living day to day. Well 2 years ago I moved cross country with the clothes on my back n small suitcase and broke as can be. I came across an idea one night and tried selling on ebay and my auction went in no time... Customer thrilled repeat... Ok now I’m on my couch able to contort my body or hang by my toes and do the work if I must to be dealing w the pain and noone could tell me I had to do it another way, if I needed a brake in day I could work when I’m not able to sleep thru the night. This was ok... Well within 3 months I was selling rediculous amounts.. First 6 months or so i manage to finaly get my own place, furnish it with most of my needs or desire at the time, get clothes besides the couple pair I had with me, feed myself daily and my newpup and pay my darn bills for a change... I was thrilled to feel productive and take care of myself. I now needed help w/ the lil biz so I hired a friend who is disabled as well and really needed work as she is just starting the process for assistnce and out of work.. And shes def hurting alot due to her cond.. I was able to pay her 60$ a day for 1-3 hours work tops, I coulda paid less but my needs are being met so I’d rather share what I found and let another like me benefit. I’d ussually do a few hours more but was still working min hours when I could and how I needed to... 4 months in it really blew up to where another few months I’d need more help then we did. Right at this time the 8-9month mark ebay bills me a few thousand and I pay to have them reissue the same bill 2 days after. I called I wrote I faxed and wrote the ceo eventually, never heard a thing not even a we got the letter from him and all tech sup would do is tell me its there pay or be banned.. I told them no way I’m paying you twice! So I got banned from selling, income cut off... I pleaded to get it corrected for months to no avail well in this time period thelistings I had up before the ban were not removed like they said would happen and they sold. Ok so I have orders I go to paypal to see ebay took the around 3grand I had in the account to pay the bill in question!! Leaving me to fill my customers orders and not get paid for the ptoduct... Needless to say this was very bad and about financially ruined the biz. I gathered myself rebuilt my own webpage began selling on amazon too and couldnt keep up with demand since I now had no funds to buy enough of our produycts.. I stopped advertising and this was janruary I began to look for a loan to rebuild properly since I knew if I had the funding paying off the loan would be no problem esp the way it was expanding.. ( expanding so well I even get a call from ebay telling me my feedback and rate of sales was incredible and they want to know why I left and would like me to come back i had done so well.. Umm guys what about the money you stole from me and the way u left me with no means to make an income anymore) if that wasnt a twisted joke I dont know what it was but it sure fired me up.. But anyways. I had no money to go after them legaly my choice was take the tiny bit I have and keep the door open doing the least bit of bisness possble until I can get funds to do this right again and be ok. It’s been since janruary steady loan apps and not a bankwill budge with my history of employment and credit gone from the day I became disabled until now... Please if you can help me rebuild this I promise I will pay it forward multiple times when I can no question about it. I thank you for your time and pls share as I need all the help I can find to make this work!!

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