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Summit Pharmacy

Summit Pharmacy Inc. is a premier workers’ compensation pharmacy, dedicated to delivering doctor-prescribed medications to injured workers, auto accident victims and others without worry, expense or delay.

The Advocator Group
The Advocator Group

We are a nationwide advocacy organization dedicated to helping individuals apply for and obtain Social Security Disability Insu...

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The Anger Workbook, written by Dr. Frank Minirth, has sold internationally in hundreds of languages, has changed millions of lives, and is now available in AUDIO / VISUAL CD FORMAT.

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Open Position: NCD Seeks Financial Analyst

Agency: National Council on Disability Job Title: Financial Analyst

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Workers’ Comp FAQs: Can I Sue My Employer?
Workers’ Comp FAQs: Can I Sue My Employer?

There are different circumstances for when you may be able to sue your employer, but most companies in South Carolina are requi...