Normally on a Monday, I find myself alone trying to figure out what I will do with myself, or rather what my body will let me do. Today, I have my son home sick and he's very good at just hanging when he's sick which is why I can post this blog. My fingers are not wanting to type, my back is hurting and the sciatic leg is making me want to scream, but I bite my lip instead. I can not allow myself that luxery when my young son is home with me - so I must present that I do not hurt as much.

These are the things we do for those we love. I do not want my son to grow up thinking about how much pain I've been in all of his life, or what I can not do. Instead I want him to remember that I did things anyway, no matter if it hurt or not. I want him to remember laughter in his life and not me in pain. When I am not alone, this is how I am and how I must be. It's not easy but it is worth it.