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Canadian Injured & Disabled Workers Support Group
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MMR (Maximum Medical Recovery)



WSIB Policy Workers reach maximum medical recovery (MMR) when they have reached a plateau in their recovery and it is not likely that there will be any further significant improvement in their medical impairment.”


I would like to start the discussion on reaching MMR (Maximum Medical Recovery)

When I  reached MMR, I was no longer entitled to benefits to manage my pain, and/or strengthen my arms as WSIB determined I was irreversibly injured. Reaching MMR seemed like a death sentence…I know when you reach MMR you might be entitled to NEL (Non Economic Loss) settlement but that’s another discussion.

WSIB cut off everything but medication.  Therefore after all these years with no help with physiotherapy, etc my pain level has worsened and my strength has decreased severely. I am left with only meds to survive. Now my condition is worse than when all this began.

I know many others are in the same predicament. Let’s talk about it. Does anyone know the MMR policy and know how (if  it’s possible) to get help even if you have reached MMR? I have the same problem with my PTSD/depression and anxiety. They paid for counselling for me until I reached MMR. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety but as soon as I reached MMR…I was cut off from seeing my psychologist.

I then crashed…lowest point in my life…but thankfully I called my psychologist and I’m back seeing her BUT I am paying for it. She is not charging me full price but even still…its more money coming out of my pocket every week because of a workplace injury.

Who else is in this boat? Does anyone know a way around it? Let’s talk!



Discussion started by dianejw , on 1250 days ago
Thank you so much for your comment and response. It did take an awful lot of courage to come out in the open with my depression and anxiety and the severity of them. If you had known me in my previous life before the injury, I was an extremely happy person. For those who don't see me on a regular basis I am quite sure that they have a difficult time believing that my depression and anxiety are as severe as what they are.
My psychologist is amazing. And yes she does charge me on a sliding scale. I have gone through the system in Ontario for free psychologist/psychiatrist. But there is no comparison in the care that I receive from them to the psychologist that I've had (off and on) now for a couple of years.
A week ago I had a call from WSIB. I don't normally let my anger out during a telephone conversation. They still refuse to pay for my psychologist and will continue paying for antidepressants. The reason for my anger is that this WSIB employee stated that after a time a psychologist does not do you any good. My psychologist should have given me work to take home so it is no longer necessary for counselling. To which I replied ‘ but putting me on more and more antidepressants is better?’ I really don't mind paying for my psychologist as she is the best thing that's ever happened to me during this whole journey of pain and bureaucracy. However because of a workplace injury that I have severe depression post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Therefore, WSIB should be covering it. I don't think it should matter that I reached MMR. In fact I think it's even more necessary because I have reached MMR to receive counseling and help getting back into society and try to turn my life around. On a side note as well, being injured is a very expensive journey. We make less money and have to spend more not only on survival but on all the extras that it takes to get us through our days. So spending money on my psychologist, even though I know she is the best thing to happen to me, seems ludicrous as I have a workplace injury. WSIB paid for my psychologist until they deemed me reaching MMR and then cut me off immediately.
I was put on a waiting list at that time for our free system and it took 8.5 months to get an appointment. I crashed 5 months after not receiving any treatment. That’s when I contacted my psychologist to see if she would consider taking me back as a patient even though I didn’t have WSIB coverage. The ‘free’ system (which has nothing to do with WSIB) suggested yet another anti depressant (on top of the other ones I already take), and group Cognitive Behavior therapy which starts next month. It will be my 3rd cbt group therapy since this whole adventure began. I don’t begrudge the group therapy…it will do me good getting out of the house. But don’t you think it’s crazy that it would take that long to get in for an appointment with my diagnosis. Our system just don’t make sense…if I didn’t have the courage to call my psychologist when I crashed…who knows where I would be.
1224 days ago
Oh-and GOOD FOR YOU for being brave enough to discuss your experience so candidly!!!! So many people will suffer in silence, but by talking about experiences the isolation is reduced. This post speaks to your strength and determination. Thank you for your honesty.
1225 days ago
I would suggest that you be very honest with your psychologist (which no doubt you are) and explain your current situation. Most practitioners will have a sliding scale with a low end fee that can accomodate individuals who are on a fixed income. If your practitioner is unable to accomodate a rate that is low enough to be within your budget you may want to consider using a "clinic" style service. Often there are publicly funded counselling centres in the community that still charge a fee for service but often times their starting point will be much lower than a practitioner who is practicing privately. Alternatively, you could ask your doctor if they are part of a family health team. If they are they can connect you with free counselling. It is typically short term (although you can be re-referred and continue to receive service) but it would be at no cost to you. The major downside to these solutions is that you will have to rebuild the therapeutic relationship if you switch providers. Hope this helps.
1225 days ago
GREAT job Diane! :) Group members please use all the tools we have provided to you in order to get our voices heard. Please share the group via the share button and you can also invite friends directly from the site that you make friends with and by also sending a direct group email to any person you know by entering their email address. LETS them know we mean business.
1250 days ago

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