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Am I in pain today.

I just went to the orthopedic yesterday and he said my hip is doing fine. However, I have a stress fracture on my left ankle. What the heck, my left side seems to be getting hit big time this year. My leg is killing me along with the rest of my body. I am so tired of chronic pain, I try to distract and accept the pain that I am in.  To distract, I try to do something other than thinking and feeling the pain. The medications are not working well and I don't and will not take more than prescribed. The best way of distraction I found for me is to read my Bible and listening to music. Does anyone have any ideas for me to do with all this??? I can't move around a lot so I sit or stay in the bed. Boring.


Discussion started by Sunshyne , on 1030 days ago
keepurheadup: Thank you for the ideas. I already am involved with homeless people and it feels great working with them. I also work with people with mental illness. People in worse shape that I am in. Learning photography is a great idea. I have the camera and don't use it so I am gonna take up taking pictures of beautiful scenes. All the other ideas are great too. So again Thank you for the ideas they will be used.

Sunshyne aka Leslie-Ann
1029 days ago
from member keepurheadup
How I cope:
1) I learned photography so I could take pictures of the beauty around me.
2) I look at family pictures.
3) I take vitamins and juice fresh fruit and veggies.
4) I got involved with homeless people in worse shape than I.
5) I pray.
6) I study different things online that interest me.
7) I go to and sign petitions that matter to me.
1030 days ago
I think you need to discuss your medication with your pain management doctor! If they are not working you need to tell them that and try something else! The bible and listening Ro music are great distraction but they are just that a temporary distraction. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing your personal info with the group.
1030 days ago

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