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Should I have Neck Surgery or Not ??

I have already had two failed lower back surgeries, the last one was a back fusion.

I have three herniated disks in my neck, pain is getting unbeareable, I'm also having problems with my tendons and ligaments in my left ankle, so I am always at different doctors Offices.

I also suffer from OCD and Depression and unfortunately I have to go through therapy for the rest of my life, well at least until I get over been sexually abused by my Step Grandfather.

I don't thin is the right move to get a surgery no, but my pain management Doctor says that I have to think about it and have the surgery for the Stimulator on, or I'll risk a life of pills and more pills.

Please help me.



Discussion started by susylopez , on 1091 days ago
Here are a few comments from our facebook page when the post was viewed:

Andy Stewart 3 here
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Daniel Theisen NO
12 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1

Donna Honeycutt Green I have had 3 Back Surgeries. With each Surgery your Back gets weaker and the Scar tissue builds up. I now have to have Epidurals every 3 months to the Lower Back. Surgery is always the Last Resort, and there are no promises it will do any good.
9 minutes ago · Unlike · 1

Mike Chenier No, I had it seven years ago and suffer all kinds of ailments, if you can do without.. that is best...
7 minutes ago · Unlike · 1

National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers Andy Stewart Daniel Theisen Donna Honeycutt Green Mike Chenier please share your post in the groups discussion so the member can know that someone is replying. Thank you.
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Tom McDonald I've had two surgeries upper and lower back. I'm better than I was but still in a lot of pain. Last resort sir.
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865 days ago
Susy, You have to weigh the pros and cons of the neck srgery. I herniated two discs in my neck and really did not want surgery. Then it was pointed out how i was losing the ability to walk and move my legs among other things. My life actually got better after the surgery (except I can;'t crack my neck anymore to get rid of tension - drats). There may be injections you can try before having the surgery - they may help. I had lumbar spinal fusion surgery due to an issue different from the neck. I used a stimulator for about 6 weeks after surgery just to help the bones grow. It now sits unused in my storage area as I no longer need it and it is illegal in my state to sell it. You don't need to wear it all day, just what your doctor prescribes. I think you need to consult with the doctor about yur neck regarding the injections and possible surgery. These issues are adding to the problems you are dealing with and could hopefully be resolved soon.
866 days ago
Susy, I have also had lumbar surgery and a neck fusion.I had better luck with the neck fusion. My lumbar did get worse. But my complete lumbar is shot. When I got the fusion it more pressure on the bad disk. I do have a stimulator for my lumbar it really don't help. I would have to say the neck surgery may help out. Good luck.
950 days ago
Susy, I'll reply to your Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) issue first. As with the surgery on your spine, or any other surgery for that matter, there are statistics and percentages you have to consider. Ever certain Medications work for some patients and not others. Saying that and having an implanted SCS for the last two and a bit over a half years I rely on my SCS when I NEED to do something I know is going to hurt. For me the SCS masks the injury I cause to my muscles/spine and later, when I turn off the SCS I hurt for weeks at a time. It worked better at first but quickly went away. My Doctor said it would help me 50% but I wasn't one of the lucky ones... At first I'd say maybe 10% and now... Well now I'm afraid to be operated on! I'm also kind of hoping it starts working better. I had a "Burst fFracture of the Spine" I was told if they got to it sooner I might of been in better shape but Workers Comp. made me wait (6) six months! I was told the shards of bone were like glass and they not only punctured my spinal cord and caused a cyst but they also severed, punctured, and ripped up the surrounding tissue. So maybe you'll do better. As far as the weight of the hardware shouldn't cause more damage because your back muscles are arranged to support your Torso and body. The damage to the muscles is so important to keep to a minimum... After all the muscle help seperate the vetebral spaces and help keep the bones from impinging on your nerves. I'm sure if you ask any of your doctors they support this fact.

So to answer your question; The implantation of your or the SCS is less invasive than any Hrdware you have had screwed into your vertebrae and it's also easier to remove. I took the chance because I couldn't stand the drugs, the pain and giving up hope! You have to make an educated guess here. If you want it, research it and I recommend getting a few consultations from other Pain Management Doctors before you commit. You may find a better Doctor that has better technique (minimally invasive) than the other. Good Luck and I hope the best for you! Please come back and let me know.
982 days ago
I have had 4 levels in my neck fused c3-c7. I also had a lumbar fusion which really didn't help me. My neck fusion did help reduce some of my pain. The only problem I ran into is I have several levels of disc problems. Which causes me to have other pains. I am having trouble at C1-C2 now and C7-T1 because the fusion is putting more pressure on those levels. If you have strong bones your neck should heal without any problems and should reduce your pain. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions.
1083 days ago

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