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Spinal Cord Stimulators
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Friday, 02 December 2011
  • AFTER 3 SPINAL SURGERIES 2 OF WHICH WERE FUSIONS THAT PARTIALY FAILED this is where I am now So it seems I got my second & third opinions.votes are in .NO MORE SURGERIES  will do no good perhaps make me worse..GEE HOW NICE and the dr who did both my fusions wanted to do a 3rd 3 months after my last..hmmmQUACKso tomorrow I'm off to another neurosurgeon cause see I hurt 24/7 365 daysSTILL NO PAIN MEDS!!I am t the end of my rope BUT tomorrow I find out if i am a candidate for the spinal nerve stimulatorblock my brain from knowing I hurt sounds great BUT..i feel NO pain, see I do things till I hurt more then stopI WONT LET IT WINBUT...if no pain how will I know I hurt myself? got worse?I have been reading up on it im just not s ...
    128 days ago
  • Has anyone had to appeal a MetLife decision before? The one where they state that you can't do ANY job? Please let me know how the process went for you. Did you hire a lawyer? What was the end result? Did you feel like you needed a lawyer?
    223 days ago
  • Its to pin point where the pain is coming from. When they hit it you know it. The doc hit each one of my disk in my lumbar & when he hit the one that was creating all the pain I screamed, but they hit you with pain medication right after. I think with your back there is so much going on & nerves its hard for them to pinpoint what is causing pain from just scans & some doctors believe this is more accurate. I dont believe anything is 100% accurate- a doctors should listen to a persons pain complaints & deal with them-not a scan or report....This was just my experience....If you are in pain all the time like I am this was just a little more....
    255 days ago
  • I am looking at getting a internal stem unit put in but 1st they want to do a discogram. I have looked it up on the net. Now I would like to talk to some people that have had it done. I have been told it hurts pretty bad during and after. Can anyone help me?
    Thank you.
    257 days ago
    sitemanager Ch Tet doc always said is not painful why is because they do not want to afraid the people before is the prossedure
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    Lori Berk Butrick I had a stimulator put in this past Sept. I had to go through the trial 1st & it was such a relief, I didn't want the trial to end! The trial procedure is uncomfortable because they have to locate the spot that is causing the pain. When they actually do the implant, they know where the wires need to go & don't have to find it again. It still is uncomfortable, but if it helps with the constant pain then it was worth it to me. It didn't take away all my pain, but I can at least make it through the day.
    Unlike · 1 · Yesterday at 7:45am256 days ago
  • i have had one for about a year and if i don't turn it on the pain gets worse i don't think i could walk without it it is strange having something in your body but if it helps i will try anything it doesn't get rid of the pain just dials it dowan somewhat
    302 days ago
  • I was hoping to get information. I have a spine stimulator in place for 2 months. After I use it I still feel vibrations, and they next day I have more pain in my legs. Will this subside?
    375 days ago
    sitemanager Some Fb comments:
    Hope Harmer I had mine done Aug 2012 & I dont even use it anymore. The trial went great but they just couldn't program the permanent one to hit the right spots. I still attempted to use it for a few months & had a similar experience. I have bursitis in my hips & it would make them hurt worse & my pain meds would Not touch the pain. When I stopped using it the severe pain in my hips stopped. I also had a rechargeable battery. I'm Very thin & it was very painful to charge, felt like it was tearing thru my skin.
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    Frankie Richardson Terry , my neighbor had it done. don't know that it helped him very much
    Unlike · Reply · 2 · 11 hours ago

    Terry Weber Frankie, you know me from when I was a spitfire. It's so different now. Love you, sista-woman!
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    NAIDW - National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers
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    Terry Weber I am scared to have something implanted. Medications alone did enough damage to my body.
    Unlike · Reply · 2 · 14 hours ago

    Joe N Donna Odell-Valdez I have a stim in my back, I also have a pain pump... it's okay to be afraid but if your truly in pain these are both great options!
    Unlike · 2 · 10 hours ago
    Terry Weber I suppose I am lucky that the older pain/muscle meds work for me to a degree. Accutane ramped up my pain in the mid 80's, and my job required me to have regular rabies vaccines (I had my dream job working with wildlife for 25+ years). Myself and 2 others that also had the regular vaccines now have fibro and one has MS, so I can't help but wonder about the vaccine connection. After the fibro Dx in '89, some doc decided I was "bipolar" and so I was on lithium and a long list of other psych meds until last year when I stopped all but the klonipin. I took the lithium for the pain, hoping that if I got what they told me I had under control, maybe the pain would stop. I have never had a manic moment in my life and am now not considered bipolar. But the lithium blew out my sodium/potassium channels so that ramped up the muscle pain and created a "Gitelman-like Syndrome", a renal disorder. The weak muscles "warped" (for lack of a better word) along my spine so that required back surgeries for ruptured discs. Having been in daily pain for a couple of decades now I think I have "adapted" to being in pain, to some degree. I agree with you, though, because I believe that what works for one person may not for another. After all, we don't have "Body by Fischer" stamped on our butts, lol! We are all different in how medicines affect us. But I can't help but think that the medication roller coaster broke my body down, structurally speaking over a twenty year period. I would do anything to be able to have my job back, but it will never happen. I still feel like I was an experiment for the psych industry, but I know that the very meds that I took that harmed me rescue others.
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    Terry Weber Sorry for the babbling!
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    NAIDW - National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers
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    Etta Huss Look for all the recalls, they fail. Most malfunctions happen within first 2 years. This should not even be an option nor the medications they give either...374 days ago
  • Have had a St. Jude stim since 2011. Very successful in managing lower back pain.
    474 days ago
  • testing
    474 days ago
Support group for anyone who has a SCS in place or has questions about getting one
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2.5 years drug-free with severe ruptures L3-L4-L5-S1. Doc said fusion would just "cascade up" and there is no way artificial disks can be used for 3 consecutive discs in Lower Back (have 2 artificial disks in C5-C6-C7). Spinal stimulator has been very effective in my case, without it I'd be bedridden.
Last replied by persyn on Thursday, 18 July 2013

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