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Benefits of a VA Home Loan 02:19
2013-07-25 11:32:29
Mission ReDefined: Find your sport and get involved. 00:31
2013-01-15 13:37:22
2012-04-01 00:42:08
Veterans Support Group
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Friday, 02 December 2011

Support group for injured & disabled vets and their families.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 by siteadmin

VA to Expand Benefits for Traumatic Brain Injury: Under a new regulation that takes effect on January 15, 2014, if certain Veterans with service-connected traumatic brain injury (TBI) also have one of five other illnesses, then the second illness will also be considered as service-connected in figuring the amount of their VA disability compensation. The ailments include Parkinson's disease, dementia, depression, seizures or certain diseases of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands.


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SOME FB COMMENTS: Lorrie Myers Hill I'm sorry but the VA just sucks Unlike · Reply · 1 · 15 hours ago Kristie Ruhter Cymbalta and Prozac are different! I take Cymbalta for my muscular skeletal pain, not depression! I have Multiple Sclerosis... I was once told that all my pain was "in my head". Very frustrating!! Hope you find some help.. Hang in there! Unlike · Reply · 8 · February 20 at 10:59am Katie Fogerty Donahue Prozac does not work on the neurotransmitters at all! Cymbalta does- and as of January 1- it is available in generic, so WTF is their problem? Is this how we treat our veterans??? Unlike · Reply · 5 · February 20 at 12:55pm Edward Pershing When filing a claim it's best to have all the proper documentation to back up your claim,then it's no problem.The VA is overloaded with sham claims,and be patient it doesn't happen overnight. Unlike · Reply · 5 · February 20 at 11:02am Lisa McBride Cymbalta is time released over a 24 hour period, and is NOT cheap by any means, nor is it anything like Prozac, Paxil, Wellbutrin, ect.. Try going to, or the manufacturers website, and see about getting a Cymbalta discount card. Most pharmacies accept them. I think this will help you out until it is resolved with the VA. Hope I was of some help. Unlike · Reply · 4 · February 20 at 11:07am Traci Wagner The VA should recognize it because Medicare does! Throw that in their face. Unlike · Reply · 3 · February 20 at 2:56pm Mingo Uribe Jr. Write a letter to the maker of Cymbalta cause they do help ppl with the medication for free... Unlike · Reply · 6 · February 20 at 11:19am Vanessa Gray Stamps Try going to this web site. They give grants to help people with cronic illness. My son gets a heafty grant from them to help with his asthma. Unlike · Reply · 2 · February 20 at 1:01pm Mick Fowler I have degenerative disc disease. The cymbalta that I take helps relieve my pain without increasing my opoid dose. So, naturally, my insurance won't pay for it anymore. Their CEO only makes $109 million per year. Unlike · Reply · 2 · February 20 at 12:34pm Sandi Lynne Granahan Some Pharmaceutical companies will even give you the meds for free. Always ask your doctor to save you his samples too because it can make a big difference . Good luck! Unlike · Reply · 2 · February 20 at 11:14am Sandra Busch My husband uses the VA, sometimes I don't know if they know what they are doing. He had gotten some bad fungus on his toes, they looked like chopmeat, the doctors there told him he had an ingrown toenail, they put a bandaid on it and sent him home. We bought some over the counter medicine and cleared it up. Unlike · Reply · 2 · February 20 at 11:13am Kate Thomas Download the prescription donation form from Lilly cares program at www. you will get a 3 month supply at a time free! I too suffer with fibro , crushed discs and cluster migraines cymbalta is extremely helpful also ask your doctor about lyrica it is an awesome non narcotic pain reliever! The two together is a god send! Unlike · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 5:53am Linda Martin Bradley I'm so sorry your going through that!!! We with fibro know the stress this is causing you isn't good for your fibro either good luck and I'll lift you up in prayer tonight Unlike · Reply · 1 · February 20 at 11:59pm Savage-Cosmos Garden sometimes it is better to go outside the VA.dont expect help from uncle gov.there are resources out there.and look up the new reports on is a very real disability.and there are fibro-associations that can help with the paperwork,and evidences.this may not be your only diagnosis one knows you like you know you. Unlike · Reply · 2 · February 20 at 11:49pm Denise Stropki $15 a month per script Unlike · Reply · 1 · February 20 at 9:20pm Jheri Garcia the va is a merry go round....difficult to get anything! Unlike · Reply · 1 · February 20 at 11:35am Ben Rush What Edward Pershing says about the VA overloaded and have patient. I know that is hard. Possibly you can see another Dr. at the VA. I know for a fact the Cymbalta and Prozac and DIFFERENT - that VA Dr. is wrong. Have the Dr. you saw out of the VA give a note saying so. It may help. Unlike · Reply · 2 · February 20 at 1:06pm Susan Trone Howes To get help from the VA it is often necessary to talk to the advocates office and make sure you get a letter from the civilian doctor to give to your VA primary care doctor. If that doesn't help there are a number of politicians and service organizati...See More Unlike · Reply · 1 · 22 hours ago
Last replied by siteadmin on Saturday, 22 February 2014

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