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Dont forget that April 28th is WORKER'S MEMORIAL DAY. A day set aside to remember our loved one's lost in a preventable work place accident. Please share any events that you may know of that are going on for this day. Thank you!!


Today it is snowing out and my body aches something fierce. I just want to get into a hot tub and let my muscles relax without causing any cramping. Oh well, I will call upon the Lord whom is my Savior.


I really think I may lose my mind. It's bad enough to feel so horrible all the time, but the stress of poverty, too. Fighting to get help... people calling wanting money I owe. Sometimes I just want to die.


OK, won my case as far as work comp having to pay medical bills and still getting half pay for not being able to work, but what is next? If I have another surgery will they pay someone to come help out til I am back on my feet? I have 4 kids at home and my hubby only has so much time off work.


100% service connected disability, retired


Welcome to Naidw! A great place to be!


Hey everyone, just wanted to take some time and check in with everyone.. It's been a while since i've been on here or even posted anything~have just had many personal things going on in my life.. Had a tough divorce, am working too and just trying to deal with the pain I am in from being on my feet all day.. Health has been a little poor, but i'm still alive and kicking, so I guess that counts for something.. Would love to hear from y'all~hoping i'll be back for a while.. :) Take care and God bless!

Jon A. Arbay

Calling all advocates. We need volunteers to help with the community groups and forums. Please let us know if your interested. All positions can be virtual. Let me
Know or any other admin and please fill out the volunteer form in the support section. Thank you...


Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal In All 50 States Thanks To Congress: While Congress was busy stripping away consumer protections and legalizing bank fraud, they managed to slip in a little provision which made many marijuana advocates rejoice. States that have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes will no longer have to worry about federal raids on their operations.

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