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Back Surgery Forum: How Can I Help YOU?

I've been around the block when it comes to back surgery.  I've had three in the last year.  If I do  not know the answer, I know where I can FIND the answer and I WILL help you.

Please post your questions or comments and I will get back with you asap!


Kristi aka:  Spiniequeen


Discussion started by Spiniequeen , on 1174 days ago
thank you dreamawebb for the info
425 days ago
For Christine1 if you are on work comp it can take a long time for anything to get approved . My specialist refferal took about two months and my operation took ten months and a lawyer to get approval for. If you are on work comp and dont have one already get a lawyer asap. No one knows whats its like to be in overwhelming pain till you are in it. I was left using moraphine and er trips for dilaudid while waiting on them for months. Is should be a crime.
426 days ago
how long that take to saw a speialist,,rhumatologist,,my neurologist are not able to help me so whit all of it s1 l5 big hernia ,spondylose ,l5 l4 hernia,l4 l3 bombement + that nerd are affect,l3 l2 a pinch scoliosis and i need to no why the compensation bord do not want to help me any treatment exam or any help the pain are so horrible please some one no
428 days ago
Thank you for offering your support to our members. :)
765 days ago
alright, I have my first surgery coming up in a couple of weeks. They are going in and widening the spaces where the nerves come out to take some pressure off and hopefully help with the pain that I am having. First of all, I am terrified! I have never really had surgery before, I am worried about my blood pressure and my general anxiety disorder that was under some control is now out of control. With everything else going on in Aurora I am having some real issues and now surgery!! Aaaaahhhhh!! Should I wait til I am a little more "calm", should I just get it over with? If it doesn't work they are talking about doing a fusion next. I need more details on that too. Will it really help? How long, if it does? I have known people that it only is a temp fix and they are having back problems again!
1021 days ago

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