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This dramatic episode speaks for itself. The safety and efficacy of epidural steroid injections have never been properly demonstrated, especially since many of the trial studies were funded by the very same doctors who would later financially benefit by the practice. There are no steroid brands anywhere in the world, regardless of the maker, that are FDA approved for epidural injections. Doctors rarely, if ever, tell you this fact.

Our deepest thanks to Dr. Oz, Elisabeth Leamy and their producers for believing in our story and for making U.S. broadcast history. Never before has a nationally syndicated prime-time TV show exposed the hidden dangers of epidural steroid injections and the lack of proper informed consent... never before has Arachnoiditis, a well documented & horrific iatrogenic disease of the spinal cord been so accurately described to the viewing public... never before have the many suffering faces of Arachnoiditis victims (who contracted their disease because of misplaced epidural steroid needles) been so well heard... and never before have we had Champions like Dr. Mehmet Oz and Elisabeth Leamy standing with us against an industry that's harming more than they care to admit. We are all forever thankful to them.

NEWS FLASH / 6/21/13: Pfizer-NZ has issued a brand new Label Warning for Depo-Medrol (MPA - Methylprednisolone Acetate) steroid injectates. The new Pfizer DataSheet for Depo-Medrol from New Zealand warns doctors that it is "Contraindicated for epidural administration" along with a Black-Box Warning stating that: "Depo-Medrol MUST NOT be used by the epidural route... due to severe medical events..."!

Link: (See pages 6, 9, 10 & 20)

Pfizer/NZ has permanently removed Depo-Medrol-MPA from the hands of doctors who perform epidural steroid injections due to severe medical risks to the patient. When will these same MPA/ESI Safety WARNINGS come here to the USA? The EDNC and the ASAP have requested meetings with the FDA, CDER and SUI officials to discuss this and other related issues. We will, as always, keep you posted to the outcome.

[The EDNC initiated and was the primary source for this Dr. Oz episode. My deepest thanks to Terri, Dawn and others of ASAP and to all those who submitted their testimonials & helped gather additional requested material.]

Dennis James Capolongo
Director / EDNC
Washington, DC
563 days ago
Thanks for sharing!
590 days ago
nancy diede
I brought to the attention of my pcp they fact that I have all the symptoms of àrachnoiditis several years ago. She was not comfortable making the diagnosis ,as she is a young doctor and then inexperienced with such conditions. As well as the fact that she would be jeopardizing her career, based on my endless quest to secure an accurate diagnosis and hopefully then recover proper treatment instead of getting worse. I was proud of that doctor for her honesty and wish I could find more like her. Unfortunately ,the office manager severed my tvties to this doctor
590 days ago
Thanks for sharing! :)
598 days ago

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