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Share Your Story! | NAIDW

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It is critical that members of our communities and Congress hear from you about the importance of issues surrounding injured & disabled workers and their families. Please take a moment to share your story with us. Please share your stories here so NAIDW can let the general public and public officials know what is happening to our workers!


Real Profiles of Injured & Disabled Workers

Just as all of us have the power to raise awareness for injured & disabled workers, we also have the ability and obligation to create an accurate depiction of injured & disabled workers and their families.

These profiles are one opportunity for us to share our stories. Young, old, male, female, professional, or laborer. Recently injured, diagnosed and long-time veterans. While all of these personal stories have a lot in common, each one remains beautifully unique.

Are you interested in submitting your own profile? Here’s how!

How To Submit A Profile

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Last modified on 19 February 2013


  • 1
    Michael J Pease Michael J Pease 05 August 2014, 16:29 Comment Link
    All of the stories I read would be unbelievable to the average uninjured person accept for the fact I have lived them to some degree and beyond myself. Take Care
  • 2
    Gary Ennis Sr. Gary Ennis Sr. 28 February 2014, 14:38 Comment Link
    Hello Everyone!! My story is far too long for me to type! Well I'll try 2007 I had a stroke and operation. I'm 57 yrs.young so this happened at 50 yrs.young not too young I feel . Operation was to remove my left side cerebellum, part of the brain that controls fine motor skills on that side. Left me with somebody else's left side to control, as it feels . Had to learn how to walk ,blink,focus my eye ,swallow,not bit my tongue,you can add all of my left side movements and commands.I can't complain too much , but I will . Mild pain.
  • 3
    mscarpenter926 mscarpenter926 23 January 2012, 09:48 Comment Link
    Date of accident: 03/04/2010

    Injuries : Right knee ,Big toe, and lower back

    Since the date of accident in New York City I got to see the knee doctor in Jan of 2011 when I had surgery in Feb of 2011 I just recently went to see knee doctor again and was told I need six more months of therapy if not he will have to do surgery again, an year has gone by and I finally got to see foot doctor just this month on Jan 16, 2012 where doctor place an cast on my foot. I have been walking around with an fraction on my big toe for the past few years.

    I got evicted from my Brooklyn apartment due to non payment from insurance carrier ( Amtrust ) around the same time I had knee surgery and had to relocate to Florida.

    As an child I lived in the projects and grew up on welfare. I have work very had not to depend on the working people and provide for my family on my own. I got an career became an union carpenter for local 926, and I am also an show carpenter for the New York Convention Center.

    I have recently been cut off my benefits again! And was also told by lawyers that my payments have been reduce. I do not understand first they say payments should be according to how much you make in 40 hours. I already had an pay cut I was already getting way less then what I make when I am working. I was getting 1200.00 hundred every two weeks now they want to give 422.00 every two weeks.

    As an single mother of an disable child this will not cover cost of living, keep in mind I do not receive any type of government assistance for my daughter or myself. I have grown accustom to living a certain way in safe neighborhoods, clean environments , and better schools for my child. I refuse to have that taken

    away from me after I work so hard.

    Any advise would be

    greatly appreciated !

    Thank You,

    U.S. Citizen, Tax payer, and Voter

    Luisa Ines Ortiz
  • 4
    Kevin Fitzgerald Kevin Fitzgerald 15 January 2012, 23:45 Comment Link
    Just looking for friends

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