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Love & Dating Support Group
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Friday, 02 December 2011
  • The hardest people to love are the ones who need it most.

    7 Ways To Show Love To Someone With Anxiety/Depression? -
    6 days ago
  • We Heart It When we begin a relationship, we try to be the best version of ourselves. We’re always clean, always shaven and never discuss anything that doesn’t work to enhance the dynamic and cultivate closeness: family, lifelong goals, deepest secrets or what we did during the day. Nothing creates intimacy, however, like an accidental fart or a severely unshaven vagina. Nothing makes you realize how much you love your boyfriend or girlfriend than when their gross morning breath somehow isn’t that gross, or when weight gain in particularly unattractive places doesn’t make you cringe. We’re all human, and we can’t sustain this level of perfection that we all strive to attain in the beginning of our relationships. Eventually, the st ...
    90 days ago
  • When should you disclose medical conditions to a date? When is illness too much for a relationship to survive?
    215 days ago
  • BY KELLEE KHALILMARCH 4, 2014 5:30 AM EST Conflict is an inevitable part of any coupling, but how you handle the most difficult moments can define many other aspects your relationship—from the way you parent your children to the conversations you have over dinner. Fighting fair is critical to the long-term success of any partnership, so taking the time to learn healthy conflict-resolution skills is worth it. Keep your relationship in tip-top shape—even when you're about to blow your lid—by following these tips. 1. No name-calling. The phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me" does not apply in marriage. Calling your partner names is not just mean-spirited, it's caustic, so avoid it at all c ...
    362 days ago
  • BY SHERYL PAULJANUARY 21, 2014 3:33 AM EST We hear a lot these days about the many effective ways to handle one's own stress—meditation, yoga, healthy eating—but we receive little guidance on how to respond lovingly when your partner is anxious, depressed, or stressed. It's easy to love someone when they're feeling great and on top of the world, but how do you respond when life gets them down? This is a common scenario I hear in my practice: My partner has always been the rock in our relationship. He's been incredibly supportive when I've struggled with anxiety or when things are stressful with my family. But now that he's having trouble at work, he's the one that's been more unstable and I don't know how to handle it. A part of me ...
    403 days ago
  • Posted a new discussion, 10 Habits of Happy Couples
    Psychology Today / By Mark Goulston 10 Habits of Happy Couples It starts with going to bed at the same time. January 7, 2014   What does it take to be happy in a relationship? If you’re working to improve your  marriage, here are the 10 habits of happy couples. 1. Go to bed at the same timeRemember the beginning of your relationship, when you couldn’t wait to go to bed with each other to make love? Happy couples resist the temptation to go to bed at different times. They go to bed at the same time, even if one partner wakes up later to do things while their partner sleeps. And when their skins touch it still causes each of them to tingle unless one or both are too completely exhausted to feel sexually excited. 2. C ...
    415 days ago
  • Ask Licia: Marriage Advice—Should I Stay or Should I Go? Via Licia Morellion Dec 3, 2013 Dear Licia, I am in need of some marriage advice. Specifically: should I stay or should I go? I’m asking because I truly do not know what to do and I’m not sure if I’m even thinking rationally at this point. I’ve been with my husband for seven years, married five years, I’m 42, he’s 44, no kids of our own, my stepdaughter is 21 years old, so she’s not in the mix as far as children being hurt over this. I got together with my husband initially because he was smart, witty and funny. There wasn’t much of a physical attraction on my part but I was pretty much sick of dating self absorbed assholes who hurt me. Sooo, I think I just convinced myse ...
    451 days ago
  • Posted a new discussion, Disability and Sexuality
    October 16, 2013 Today, please welcome guest poster, Alicia Reagan, who shares a touching post about disability and sexuality: her paralysis, how it has impacted her intimacy with her husband and what they are doing to be intentional about it. You read about it. You hear about it. You have talked about it. Many are on this blog because of it. Your sex life is a dreaded and frustrated area. You are unhappy and ready to give up on it all together. I get it. I really do. On March 12, 2009 my life drastically changed. I woke up completely paralyzed. The diagnosis: Transverse Myelitis – a neurological disorder where a virus attacks your spinal cord. My life would now be lived from a wheelchair. I became disabled shortly after my hus ...
    497 days ago
  • Pretty cool! Never new this?
    • Pretty cool! Never new this?
    816 days ago
    853 days ago
    Hawaiiandreamz Noe this funny!506 days ago

A place to discuss, meet, dating and love issues for injured & disabled workers.

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